Boot camp for bicycle burglar |

Boot camp for bicycle burglar

by Sheila Gardner
Douglas County Sheriff's Office

A Gardnerville teenager was ordered Monday to complete a regimental discipline camp or go to prison for a series of burglaries he committed with a juvenile accomplice, both of them riding bicycles.

Nathan Centeno, 19, admitted multiple probation violations on Monday including using alcohol and controlled substances, failing to obtain a job or complete his education, living in a residence whose owner had a collection of knives, and failing to pay restitution and court fees.

“I just don’t have any money,” Centeno told District Judge Michael Gibbons. “I made a mistake and drank and used drugs. I got too comfortable with myself.”

He was sentenced in October to three years in prison for breaking into 18 vehicles and a garage which netted him $171.99 in change, cigarettes and an electronic device.

Gibbons suspended the sentence, and placed him on four years probation.

Ashlee Miller, Centeno’s probation officer, said she found him temporary help through Friends In Service Helping, directed him to the Douglas County School District to make up his education requirements, and obtained information for him on agencies to assist with employment with a felony on his record. Centeno completed none of the requirements.

“It sounds like you did everything you could do,” said Gibbons told Miller.

The judge told Centeno, who asked for reinstatement to probation, his choices were successful completion of the regimental discipline program or prison.

The “boot camp” is operated by the Department of Corrections, and designed to keep youthful offenders out of prison. The program generally lasts for six months.

Centeno’s attorney Kris Brown said her client had a metal plate in his wrist which might impact his ability to meet the physical requirements of the regimental discipline program.

“I am not inclined to just reinstate you on probation,” Gibbons said. “Do you want to give boot camp a try? You need help in a lot of different areas. The regimental discipline program addresses all of them.”

He said if Centeno is not accepted in the boot camp, he is to remain in custody and return to court within 30 days.

“You don’t take probation seriously,” Gibbons said.