Bonner elected Douglas County Commission chairman |

Bonner elected Douglas County Commission chairman

by Sheila Gardner

Lee Bonner is starting out his second year as a Douglas County commissioner by serving as chairman of the five-member board.

Commissioners elected Bonner chairman Thursday on a 3-2 vote with Greg Lynn and Doug Johnson voting against.

After the vote, both said they felt Bonner was too new to the board to serve as chair, but would support him.

Nancy McDermid was re-elected vice chair 4-1 with Johnson declining.

Johnson originally nominated Lynn who declined the leadership role.

‘I’m running for re-election and that (chairmanship) would be a target on my back I don’t really need,” Lynn said.

He nominated McDermid for the chairmanship.

‘It’s going to be a very tough year and we need someone very experienced,” he said.

Mike Olson, who served as chairman the last two years, nominated Bonner.

“We are going into a challenging year, but we have a good leadership team. I think anybody sitting here can be chairman. I think Commissioner Bonner has the time and fire to do a good job,” Olson said.

Lynn’s nomination of McDermid and Johnson’s nomination of Lynn both died for lack of a second.

McDermid nominated Bonner, seconded by Olson, and the motion passed 3-2.

“I wanted you as vice chair, I think it’s a little too early, but you are our chairman and I will support you,” Johnson told Bonner.

Lynn echoed Johnson’s comments, adding his support.

The board presented Olson with a gavel.

“I really give credit to the board. I appreciated the opportunity to be a leader among leaders,” he said.

Commissioners re-appointed incumbents Jo Etta Brown and Kevin Servatius to the planning commission.

The third applicant was Bob Cook who was re-appointed to the Board to Manage Wildlife and the Senior Services Advisory Council.

Other advisory board appointments Thursday included:

— Bruce Beamer, Larry Wynn, 911 Surcharge;

— Howard Charney, William Chernock, Alfred Brown, Linda Mae Draper-Hivert, Airport Advisory Committee;

— Elaine Pace, Stephen Talbot, Board of Equalization;

— Bob Cook, Bob Pohlman, Board to Manage Wildlife;

— Elaine Flynn, Britta Swanson, Parks and Recreation Commission;

— Robert Centanni, Arlene Cochran, Carole Hart, Genoa Historic District;

— Robert Chambers, Charles Wolle, Library Board of Trustees;

— Fred Stodieck, Russell Scossa, Dennis Jensen, Water Conveyance Advisory Committee;

— Robert Cook, Thomas Ingham, Paul Lockwood, Robert Schultz, John Swain, Senior Services Advisory Council.