Board will replace Green after 30 days |

Board will replace Green after 30 days

by Merrie Leininger, staff writer

The school board now has a vacant seat just two months after the election, with the decision from Douglas County District Judge Michael Gibbons that teacher Randy Green can’t sit on the board and remain an employee of the district.

The only person who has publicly expressed interest in the seat is John Louritt, who lost by a few votes in the primary election against Randy Green and John Raker.

Raker lost to Green in the regular election. He confirmed Tuesday he will not seek the appointment.

“Enough is enough,” Raker said.

Louritt, 54, is a part-time domestic violence/sexual assault caseworker at the Family Support Council. He and his wife, Marty, and their daughter moved to Gardnerville 13 years ago. He retired in 1999 from the South Lake Tahoe Police Department after 32 years. He said his desire to serve on the board hasn’t changed since he first filed for the seat in May.

“I’ve always had an interest in serving the school district if I could,” Louritt said. “I’m a down-to-earth kind of person. I think I know how to build healthy relationships. I bring that to the table. I’ll lend an open ear to the process and make informed decisions.”

Louritt said he supported Green’s bid for the seat, although he felt he should have gotten a decision before the election.

“Everybody who ran is qualified. I think everybody is out to do the best they can for the kids in the school district and for its employees,” Louritt said.

He said his daughter, Karlye, 16, a senior at Douglas High School, has received a “first class” education in the school district she has attended all her life. He said he worries about those students who may slip through the cracks because they are not college-bound. One of Louritt’s goals is to help lower the drop-out rate.

Superintendent Pendery Clark said the school board will discuss the timeline for the replacement process at the Jan. 9 meeting at Kingsbury Middle School, but the board cannot replace Green until 30 days after the judge’s order is filed.

Green has 30 days from the date the judge’s order is filed to appeal the decision, but said after it was issued Friday he would not.

After the appeal period expires, the board will accept letters of interest with information about the applicants and what they can contribute to the board. Then the board will send them a list of questions and interview them in a public meeting. All applicants must live in Area 4, which is boarded by Riverview Drive, Kimmerling Road, Highway 88, and Centerville Road along the Rocky Slough, which is essentially the attendance area for C.C. Meneley Elementary School. For specific questions about Area 4, contact the superintendent’s office at 782-5134.