Board training sessions scheduled for August |

Board training sessions scheduled for August

Staff Reports

The 29 organization members of Active Volunteers in Douglas are holding a board training session 5–7:30 p.m. Aug. 29 at the Community Center. The topics for this first session will cover fiduciary responsibility, board recruitment and board self-evaluation. Each topic will include breakout sessions and discussions on ethics and ethical dilemmas.

There are significant legal and ethical issues involved in board membership for every board member. These issues are often dismissed or ignored at the peril of both individuals and the organizations they are governing. The training sessions will cover what options, constraints and legal requirements every board member has and what it means to avoid “the appearance of wrongdoing.”

Just basking in the role of board member is not enough. The facts of having federal, state and organization status requires compliance and knowledge about board management and, therefore, management of the organization the board works for. For example, when a non-profit has the IRS 501(c)3 designation, that non-profit is subject to the Unrelated Business Income Tax rule. That means the non-profit cannot establish a gift shop that competes with for-profit businesses.

Individuals now serving on a non-profit board or, those who would like to serve on a board, are encouraged to sign up. Experienced and trained board members are encouraged to participate as an opportunity to refresh knowledge and as a support for fellow and future board members who will be receiving training for the first time. Trainers are Steve Decker of Family Support Council, assisted by MaryEllen Conaway of A.V.I.D., both with years of experience with non-profit boards.

A minimal fee to cover supplies will be charged. Contact to register.

Registration deadline is Aug. 21.