Board of Equalization meets today |

Board of Equalization meets today

Staff Reports

A baker’s dozen of owners are appealing the value of their property this morning before the Douglas County Board of Equalization.

Assessor Doug Sonnemann said most of the folks challenging the county’s valuation are new.

The short list shows a stablization from previous years when hearings would go on for two days and see as many as 58 appeals.

This year there are about two dozen appeals staff agrees with and placed on the consent agenda.

“We’ve seen the point of their argument and agree,” he said.

The rest of the appeals will go before the board to determine their merit.

Sonnemann said the largest of the appeals is that of the Horizon Casino in Stateline.

He said the revenue figures from the casino show that its income is down and thus the assessed valuation needed to come down.

Sonnemann expects that there will be one more year of declining property values in the county before it starts to climb again.

“We’re seeing some recovery now just from the figures I’m getting from July 1 through January, though the sales are trending down a little bit,” he said. “They are still a little bit soft.”

The Board of Equalization meets 9 a.m. in the historic Douglas County Courthouse, 1616 Eighth St., Minden.