Board approves plans for Lucerne Street |

Board approves plans for Lucerne Street

by Rachel Spacek

The Minden Town Board approved plans for the Lucerne Street Rehabilitation Project on Wednesday, including removing the trees, adding bike lanes and making the median and landscape look like the median on Ironwood Drive.

The potentially $860,000 project was put in motion in April when the board first approved funding. The board had gone through some proposals, but settled on approving a plan to remove the trees, narrow the lanes, add bike lanes and eventually a signal on the corner at Highway 395. The board was initially opposed to removing the trees, but eventually decided they had to go.

“I’m not for cutting trees down, I would like to preserve as many trees as we can, but that road is too far gone,” said Glen Radtke, member of the board. “Look at that, I think the trees have to go and we should make it look like Ironwood. We can put tress back in later, but we need to do it right this time.”

Tyler Young, project engineer with Sunrise Engineering, is working on the project and told the board the road would be 12 feet wide with 4 foot bike lanes. JD Frisby, town superintendent of Public Works said he hoped the narrower lanes would slow down traffic on the road.

Sue Sanchez, a business owner in Minden Village, voiced her concerns in the public comment section.

“I don’t care about the trees, but whatever you do, do it fast,” Sanchez said. “If it affects the business owners there, you are going to hear screams. The quicker you can do something, the better for us.”

Board Chariman Bill Souligny assured her they would try to get the project done quickly to also keep the cost down.

The board also proposed a signal be put in on Lucerne at a later date, however Roxanne Stangle, board member, told those in attendance that the state has the say in whether or not a signal will be placed there. She recommended community members voice their concerns about the signal to the state because the board is doing all they can.