BMX track to be discussed by Indian hills |

BMX track to be discussed by Indian hills

by Christy Chalmers

A competition-grade BMX track could be built in Indian Hills by the end of the summer if general improvement district leaders OK a new location for it at James Lee Park.

The GID board is scheduled to meet Monday night and discuss moving the proposed track from a slope north of the existing park to a larger, flatter site that was reserved for a lighted softball field. If the BMX course is built, the number of sports fields at James Lee Park would drop from four to three, said district manager Jim Bentley.

“The original spot did not contemplate parking and lights,” he said. “We conceived just having a place for kids to go ride their bikes, but this would be suitable for competition.”

Bentley said if the track is relocated, it would be 200 yards from the closest home. The current location is 100 yards from the nearest home.

The BMX course is one of several improvements planned at James Lee Park. A skateboard park, a multi-use sports field, another softball field and additional restrooms are among the amenities to be built using $572,000 in residential construction tax money, Bentley said.

Bentley said the drive for the revamped BMX course is coming from Indian Hills resident Roland Spencer, who helped develop the one in Carson City.

Spencer said he has already lined up materials and labor to build the track, which he said will provide a pastime for Indian Hills residents while raising the sport’s profile.

“Right now, (BMX) is new to northern Nevada, so we don’t have that big a following, but if we had the tracks we would draw more people,” said Spencer, whose son and daughter both race. “It’s something we’re trying to build up, and there’s a lot of interest here.”

He said the proposed Indian Hills track could operate year-round, day or night. The Carson City track has no lights and is closed October through mid-April, but Spencer said events could be coordinated so there’s not a conflict between the facilities.

“We’d like to set ours up like the California tracks, where we race year-round, weather permitting,” said Spencer.

The work could start this fall. Spencer said he thinks the BMX course could be ready as soon as 30 days after approval is granted.

“As long as the county gets the thing going, it will all fall into place,” he said. “We’re doing all we can do to get it done, do it right and get it going for the kids.”

What: Indian Hills General Improvement District board to discuss relocating a proposed BMX course at James Lee Park

When: Monday, 7 p.m.

Where: district office, 924-D Mica Drive

Info: 267-2805