Blue ribbon effort honors postal workers |

Blue ribbon effort honors postal workers

If one effort to thank people who continued to work through the coronavirus outbreak deserves a blue ribbon, it might be Sheridan resident Margaret Daniels’.

The retired Markleeville postmaster was featured in the U.S. Postal Service’s newsletter the Western Word for tying 72 blue ribbons and attaching them to mailboxes in her neighborhood, with a card that said “Thank you Postal Hero.”

She said she read the challenge from West Virginia postmaster Sean Acord. According to the Western Word’s May 7 story, Daniels tied the most ribbons of any participant in the challenge.

“The Postal Service is the only company that’s working at 100 percent,” Daniels said.

She said she and neighbor Carol Bennis put the big blue bows on all the mailboxes in Sheridan Acres.

She posted the effort to Facebook, where it was picked up by former Lake Tahoe resident David Rupert, who is the Postal Service’s manager for Western Area Strategic Communications.

This is not the only brush with fame for Daniels, who retired after slightly more than a quarter of a century as Markleeville postmaster in 2012.

She worked for the Postal Service for 35 years, starting out in Gardnerville in the mid-1970s.

She arrived for her first day on Halloween 1986 and forgot to bring candy, but her husband came to the rescue.

In 2002, she received the Snowshoe Thompson Award for performance above and beyond the call of duty for keeping the post office open during a six-day power outage that shut down Marklleville. She was also named Pacific Area Top Performer for making Markleeville the top small office in the Pacific area.

In 2007, she was named Postmaster of the Year.