BLM releases Burning Man closure notice |

BLM releases Burning Man closure notice

Staff Reports

The Bureau of Land Management Winnemucca District Office will enforce a temporary closure and the prohibition of certain activities on public lands immediately surrounding the site of the 2010 Burning Man event through Sept. 17.

The closures and prohibitions are necessary to provide for public safety and to protect public resources.

The closures affect a small part of the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area (NCA) Black Rock Desert playa during the event.

According to Black Rock Field Office Manager Roger Farschon “Similar closures for the Burning Man event in past years have been implemented with minimal disruption to other public uses.”

The closures reserve the 8-mile entrance to the Black Rock Desert playa solely for Burning Man ticket holders, but all other playa access points and 93 percent of the playa, more than 97,000 acres, remains open to public use.

The closure order is posted on the web at