BLM issuing permits to clear Pine Nut piñons for grouse |

BLM issuing permits to clear Pine Nut piñons for grouse

Staff Reports

The Bureau of Land Management, Carson City Field Office, announces the availability of commercial Christmas tree and firewood permits as part of a mechanical fuels treatment project in the vicinity of upper Mill Canyon, south of Dayton.

This Christmas tree harvest season the BLM is directing Christmas tree cutters to two harvest units totaling 262 acres.

Starting Sunday, any person or organization wishing to harvest Christmas trees commercially or for fundraising may obtain permits to harvest trees in these areas.

The usual limit of two trees per household is being waived in these units.

Members of the public can benefit from the use of the trees while helping BLM reach project goals to improve sage grouse habitat where trees have encroached into meadows and other open spaces.

Reducing the number of small trees in these areas will also provide a fire-control fuel break between two district areas of the Pine Nut Mountains.

For more information on this project, contact BLM Forester Steep Weiss at 885-6134.