BLM Announces Firewood Cutting Area in Lyon County |

BLM Announces Firewood Cutting Area in Lyon County

Staff Reports

The Bureau of Land Management, Carson City District-Sierra Front

Field Office, announces the designation of the 30-acre Red Canyon Firewood

Cutting Area in Lyon County, approximately eight miles north of Wellington.

Green pinyon pine and juniper trees are currently available for cutting.

The trees are small to medium in size and make a good source of energy for

heating homes. The fresh-cut wood will have to cure for a couple of months

to be suitable for burning.

Public removal of firewood from the area is in advance of a BLM fuels

reduction project scheduled for 2011 whereby combustible vegetation will be

removed to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire to residences in

nearby Smith Valley. Some trees in the area are marked for retention on

the landscape, and green woodcutting will not be permitted after the 2011

treatment of fire hazard fuels has been completed.

Firewood cutting permits cost $10 per cord and are available from the BLM

Carson City District Office, 5665 Morgan Mill Road, Carson City, Nevada.

Permits may also be purchased by credit card – telephone (775) 885-6000.

Office hours are 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.