Blame game kings |

Blame game kings


Stuart Posselt’s letter dated Aug. 13 convinced me that Republicans are masters of the blame game. They seem unable to accept the concept of taking responsibility for their own actions. In my opinion, they believe that in no way could 12 years of Republican governors in Nevada and eight years of George Bush have contributed to our current economic crisis. Their fingers point to Democrats Bill Clinton, Harry Reid and Barack Obama as the cause.

Republicans were once known as the Grand Ol’ Party. Now they seem to be becoming the party of anti-anything even if it might be good for our country especially if it is a Democrat’s idea. In conclusion, I don’t like higher taxes any more than Mr. Posselt. However, if higher taxes can create more jobs, save our schools by providing a better education for our children, stop a few home foreclosures and keep a few businesses from closing, than I am willing to tolerate them.

Richard Girod