Between Horses and Humans trots out fundraiser |

Between Horses and Humans trots out fundraiser

by Sarah Hauck

Children who may have struggled with anxiety, abuse or learning disabilities will take the reins of a portion of Between Horses and Humans annual Fundraiser noon-3 p.m. Oct. 17.

More than a dozen of the nonprofit’s students will showcase what they have learned with their four-legged therapists at the event at Maddi’s Friesian Ranch in Gardnerville.

“16 of our children have been designing a program to demonstrate the skills they have learned,” Between Horses and Humans President Barbara Slade said. “They are very excited. If gives the people that come out to the ranch a chance to see what we do. Plus the kids get a chance to show off a little.”

Between Horses and Humans has been helping about 40 children a week with various aspects of life they may be struggling with.

All students attend classes free of charge.

“We work with children who are have a difficult life situation, personal challenge or social emotional difficulties,” Slade said. “We have some children that just need a little more self confidence. It is empowering to them to have to work with a big horse. If they feel they can direct a horse, they feel they can take charge of their lives. We teach kids that were abused to trust again, a fearful child how to be confident, all while teaching life skills like discipline and responsibility.”

This is the fifth annual fundraiser Between Horses and Humans has hosted.

Over the years not much as changed, except for the number of people who attend.

“It is a really fun event because people are outside; the weather is always beautiful,” Slade said. “People love being around the horses, the children are engaging and interacting with people. The people are inspired by the kids and their energy. The friesians are beautiful and breathtaking to be around. People have grown to love our event and have spread their love for it by word of mouth and we get more people every year.”

The event will include lunch, a silent auction, demonstrations by the children as well as the Friesians from Maddi’s.

Between Horses and Humans put a unique twist on an auction, offering guests a fund-a-need auction.

“It’s a really neat idea for an auction,” she said. “It costs us $840 a year to get the horses’ feet taken care of. People can take care of the entire bill or donate towards it. People can put their money where they want it to go. They get to see where their money is actually going and where it is going to help.”

Between Horses and Humans uses Maddi’s ranch facilities for their classes with their five personally owned horses.

“Maddi’s has really opened their arms and their heart to us. They let us use their beautiful facility. They take care of the hay and the bedding. They are just wonderful,” Slade said.

Tickets are $65, $70 at the door, $120 fo a couple and $600 for table of 10.

“This fundraiser is very important to keeping us going,” Slade said. “We want to be able to keep inviting everyone for free, and not say not to any children just because they don’t have the support financially.”

Maddi’s Friesian Ranch is located at 310 Allerman Lane, Gardnerville.

For more information visit or contact Slade at 265-0901.