Best of Carson Valley nominations open today |

Best of Carson Valley nominations open today

by Rob Galloway

Whether you find this time of year exciting or exhausting, for us here at The Record-Courier, it is definitely both — but in a good way.

If you haven’t seen, starting today (and running through June 30), the nomination process for the Best of Carson Valley will get under way.

I love this time of year. And it would appear by the folks that I’ve seen and talked to, you do, too. It’s this excitement from the community year in and year out that makes this process and event so special for Carson Valley.

But that’s the way it should be. We should get excited to vote for our favorites in the community. Businesses and people should get excited for being nominated and even more excited if they win.

It should mean something to win. To know you’ve been voted on by your community as being the best at what you do, that’s something special. We should celebrate it with a party and booze and…well, more on that in the coming weeks, but you get the point.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, though. The first leg in this marathon is the nomination process. I realize last year we had changed up this process with not a whole lot of explanation, so let me explain why and how the nomination process is important.

The nomination process is a simple fill in the blank. Previously you may have had to slog through 20 or so entries to find the business you wanted to vote for. And, if it wasn’t there, you would type in the business you wanted to cast your vote for. The user experience is much easier to navigate and asks much less of the voter, which is a good thing.

So you’re saying we have to vote two separate times? Who has the time or would be willing to vote twice?

This is one of the objections that can be confusing, but legitimate. I have four kids who are all active and a demanding job. I understand not having enough time. Regardless of this, everyone struggles with time in today’s world. There’s simply not enough time to do what we need to get done. Even if the voting were the same as previous years, time would still be an issue. The plan is to keep this top of mind as much as possible during the process and remind folks that when you are able to nominate and vote, it’s there for you at any time of the day (or night).

One of the biggest reasons for having a nomination period is to try and level the playing field. Inevitably, these types of contests are bound to raise credibility issues when the results are published.

How many times have you seen a winner that you feel has no business winning? Or as a business, what if you get a late start on hearing about the contest? What this process is designed to do is come out of the nominations with a handful of worthy entries into each category that the community can then vote on as the best. Sure, you may end up with a surprise or two, but inevitably you should have the best of the best represented for the final vote.

In some cases we would have more than 20 businesses or people nominated and some of those businesses may have only received one nomination while the top one, hundreds. Obviously, when trying to find the best, you want the best of the best to decide from. I get that you’re never going to truly get a list that’s all of your favorites. But we’re shooting for the consensus best — just like politics.

UGH! Why did I have to go and throw politics into a perfectly good discussion about the best businesses and people? Well, honestly, politicking is part of the fun and plays a big role in the nomination process. If you’re a business owner, why would you not want your customers voting for you? If they frequent your business, or know you are the best at what you do, they’re exactly the person you want participating.

As also with politics, there’s always people who are going to feel like there’s some cheating going on. The beauty of having online voting is that we can detect if anything fishy is going on. So fear not, our goal is your goal. We want the best people and businesses getting recognized for being the best people and businesses. Well, that and we want people to have fun doing it.

Speaking of having fun, it should be noted that during the nomination (and finalist voting) period, you can come back each day and nominate/vote. This goes back to the excitement of the whole process. Talk about it every day. Ask friends and family members to help you win. If you’re indeed the best, the community needs to know.

Good luck everyone. May your best be victorious. The contest is available at

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