Bently Biofuels receives financial incentive from Rural Development |

Bently Biofuels receives financial incentive from Rural Development

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Minden’s Bently Biofuels Co. was named as one of the recipients of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development’s producer payments.

The company received $5,876.05 in producer payments from the federal government.

The biodiesel refinery payment was announced by Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack on Jan. 20 along with investments in 33 states to support the production and usage of advanced biofuels.

Bently is one of only a few known biodiesel refineries in the state.

The producer payments are intended to provide a financial incentive to existing biorefineries to spur production – a necessary step towards meeting the nation’s renewable energy needs, Special Projects Coordinator Kelly K. Clark said.

Bently uses waste vegetable oil that is collected from area casinos and restaurants as its feedstock to create biodiesel. It’s a process that Donald Bently started years ago. His manager Carlo Luri saw the USDA Rural Development program as a way to enhance production.

Bently opened Nevada’s first full-sized alternative fuel station and LEED-certified convenience store in October 2008.

Bently Biofuels Outpost has three fueling islands, two for regular automobiles and one for commercial trucks. Patrons will find four types of Bently’s homemade biodiesel: B5, B20, B99.9 and B50 in the winter. The numbers correspond to the percent of biodiesel blended with regular diesel.

The station also offers two blends of ethanol, E10, which can be used in all gasoline cars, and E85, which can be used in flex fuel-designated vehicles.

Authorized under Section 9005 of the Farm Bill, the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels authorizes payments to eligible producers to expand production of advanced biofuels. Eligible examples include biofuels derived from cellulose, crop residue, animal, food and yard waste material, biogas (landfill and sewage waste gas) vegetable oil and animal fat.

For more information on Nevada’s biofuels program, contact USDA Rural Development State Office at (775) 887-1222, Ext. 116.