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Beck has facts


“Cap and trade is dead,” “I wish we had public option in the health plan – But we will get it some day.”

These statements were made by Sen. Harry Reid.

Remember Pelosi saying “pass the health bill and we will find out what is in it.” Enough said?

Oh wait, how about cap and trade? Each bill signed by Obama seems to have loopholes and thus saves Congress from all the arguing and fussing with stupid ideas.

Hmmm, I guess Reid and Pelosi know about loopholes. The new financial regulation law is not subject to disclosure. Another red flag?

Reid stood before a podium and told the American people Obama’s health plan was popular in Nevada. He outright lied.

How truthful are his political ads when he brags about the thousands of jobs he has brought to Nevada. Unemployment is 14 percent. Please do yourself, your family, friends and America a favor. You may not like Glenn Beck’s delivery, antics or message but you can bet your last dollar what you will hear and see are facts and more facts.

He has not been contested nor has his red phone, a direct line to the White House, rung. Please tune into Fox News’ Glenn Beck Monday through Friday at 2 p.m.

You will understand the perilous path this administration is leading our nation and people. Bit by bit we are losing our constitution.

William Lepore Sr.