Bear shooting not a violation |

Bear shooting not a violation

The killing of a bear cub by a Markleeville resident was determined not to be a violation by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.

The shooting occurred early on Nov. 3, when a homeowner was awakened by the sound of a mother bear trying to break into his garage.

The bear’s two cubs had managed to get inside the garage. The homeowner grabbed the keys to the garage and a shotgun. He opened two garage doors, and tried to frighten the bears away by firing into the air. He fired four times, but the bears wouldn’t leave.

“He didn’t shoot the bears, but he was fearful for his safety,” fish and wildlife Lt. Patrick Foy said.

The bears eventually left the garage, but they didn’t leave the area. The homeowner said he then heard six gunshots coming from his neighbor’s home. The neighbor told a game warden that he heard the commotion, came outside and was confronted by the bears. One of them started in his direction, and he opened fire, killing a 65-pound cub. The incident was reported to fish and wildlife.

“We confirmed there was damage to the area where the bears were trying to tear into the structure,” Foy said. “There was garbage and debris all over the place.”

The department issued a depredation permit after the fact.

“A seasoned game warden investigated the incident and everything added up, so we found no violation,” Foy said.