Bear seeks shelter under Topaz Ranch Estates deck |

Bear seeks shelter under Topaz Ranch Estates deck

An approximately 15-year-old 575 lb. male bear was captured from under a deck in Topaz Ranch Estates and released by NDOW officials Saturday morning in the Carson Range.
Courtesy JT Humphrey |

A Topaz Ranch Estates resident said the first inkling he had that there was a big black bear on the property came early Friday morning.

“The dog started making noise at 3:30 a.m., and I saw him out knocking over bird feeders,” Frank Fanto said. “He went under the deck and that’s when I took his photo.”

The bear’s growling and unwillingness to come out from under the deck, prompted Fanto to call the bear hotline maintained by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

It turns out the bear under Fanto’s deck was a 575-pound, 15-year-old, who had never been tagged.

Heather Reich of the Nevada Department of Wildlife responded to the call, and determined darting the bear

“Heather came down and took a look at him,” Fanto said. “It took her and four guys and a little help from me to get him out from under there.”

Fanto said one of his neighbors reported a bear had been banging on his door.

“With this drought, we’re seeing animals we’ve never seen down here before,” Fanto said. “Another guy said a bear tried to get into his house.”

State biologists released the black bear into the Carson Range on Saturday morning.

Bears are looking to load up on calories before they go into hibernation in the winter. The vast majority of conflicts between bears and humans involve trash.

To report a bear call the state hotline at 775-688-2327.