Battling the enemy with God’s help |

Battling the enemy with God’s help

by Bill Baltz

I sense some of you are facing some major challenges, obstacles in your life. I want to share with you some helpful words from God’s great king, David. I hope you’ll spend some time soaking in God’s word and the particular message He may be leading you.

Psalm 143 is a prayer for deliverance from enemies and for divine leading. I believe “enemies” can be personal and family issues, health and financial crises, and work-related challenges among many. I call my enemy cancer. This psalm has spoken to me often and in a deep way as I have faced multiple, critical, even life-threatening issue with my health in the last 5-plus years. As I take time to share some of the words that have spoken to me, I hope you’ll ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and speak to you as you read it for yourself.

I identify with David feeling lost and wondering if God hears his prayers as he begins “O, Lord hear my prayer; listen to my cry for mercy!” I have felt medical crises “pursue me” and “crush me to the ground.” I felt what it’s like to “dwell in darkness,” like being in a dark alley way with no escape. So, like David, “my spirit grew faint within me and I was dismayed.”

I longed for the “days of long ago” when I was young and spry, and faith was less complicated. But, when “my soul was thirsting like being in “a parched land,” I, like a child, running to his daddy “spread out my hands” to him. Things didn’t always get better. As the tension and despair heightened, “Answer me quickly, O Lord my spirit faints with longing” were the words I pled as God seemed to get further away or silent.

Ever felt like God doesn’t care about you, or your problems? “Do not hide your face from me” follows what I felt. I was “like those who go down to the pit (of hell).” There’s always tomorrow” so people say. I struggled to have hope for a tomorrow that would “bring me word of HIs unfailing love” as I continued to “put my trust in Him.” Brothers and sisters, please do that … continue to do that … even when it’s the darkest.

He asks for guidance and help as he pleads “Show me the way I should go for to You I lift up my soul.” Finally I’ve had to confess “Teach me to do Your will for You are my God” as I’ve stumbled ahead, fearful, with … each diagnosis … each procedure … each next step of trust repeating words of trust and surrender, “My times are in Your hands, O Lord” (Psa. 31:15). For His “names sake,” He did “preserve my life” as David and I requested. In His “unfailing love’ He did “silence my enemies” (illness) again and again and I pray that He will “destroy those enemies” those issues, challenges, and threats on my life I currently face. I hope in the end you can say with me, “for I am Your servant.”

Pastor Bill Baltz is a member of the Carson Valley Ministers’ Association.