Battle Born Mounted Posse awards six scholarships |

Battle Born Mounted Posse awards six scholarships

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Members of the Battle Born Mounted Posse Freedom Riders line up in front of Coventry Cross Church on Saturday.
Kurt Hildebrand

The Battle Born Mounted Posse awarded six scholarships to deserving Douglas County students beginning college this fall.

The Posse also awarded an additional continuing scholarship of $1,000 to Emma Smith, the 2018 recipient. Smith is entering her sophomore year at Colorado State University majoring in veterinary science.

Douglas students who are starting university studies as freshman are as follows: Christopher Ford, awarded $1,500, environmental science, University of Nevada, Reno; Jacob Smith, $1,000, applied mathematics, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; Julia Chappell, $500, University of Nevada, Reno, vet sciences; Luke Gansberg, $500 agricultural business, Colorado State University; Noelle MacDonnell, $500, criminal justice, Western Nevada College; and Lena Richardson, $500, criminal justice, University of Arizona.

“We congratulate these great students and their parents,” posse officials said “Each one of them is an outstanding and accomplished person who gave all of us on the scholarship committee great hope for the future. To be eligible for a Posse Scholarship, a student needs to either have a major in agriculture or animal sciences, law enforcement, or volunteer to help out with Posse parking responsibilities at Candy Dance.”

The mission of the Battle Born Mounted Posse and its riding squad, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit, is to serve the community through the use of horses and riders.

They are involved in a variety of community services, veteran’s programs, Trail Trial events, training equestrians, crowd and traffic control, supporting Douglas County law enforcement, and any other function where the use of trained horses and riders will increase the safety and security of the community.

The Posse has raised funds for scholarships, uniforms, and equipment by working and riding security for Candy Dance, providing security for CVI concerts, generous private donors, tack sales and other events.

The Posse thanked all of its donors and sponsors. For information about the posse or having them work an event, contact Henri Stone, training vice president, at 775-790-3311.