Barbecue thanks Douglas authorities |

Barbecue thanks Douglas authorities

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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office receive thanks from the community
Melissa Blosser/Douglas County

It started as a desire on the part of two women to somehow thank the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

“A thank-you for all they do every day for residents of Douglas County, but especially for the difficult days and nights they have had the past few weeks working on the recent double tragedies,” organizers said.

It ended as a barbecue luncheon on Feb. 1.

Bellator Firearms Training owner Jackie Paris and Suicide Prevention Network Executive Director Debbie Posnien came together with a joint need to show appreciation and in the space of a 15-minute conversation, an idea was formed, solidified and became reality.

Calls to other community members resulted in donations of food and volunteers for a lunch to express gratitude and appreciation to the sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices.

Bently Meats, Costco, Home Depot, Raleys and Wal-Mart were invaluable contributors of dozens of pounds of meats and other supplies for the lunch; locals Bell Family, Patty Hopkins, Paris Family, Pinther Family, Posnien Family, Rossan Family, Sanchez Family and Thaler Family threw their time and resources behind the event, as did volunteers Dave Brady, Donna Chizek, Deb Courtney, Ewa Czarnecka, Andrea Highfill, Terry Taylor, Daria Winslow and Woody Worthington.

ASPIRE High School students joined in to help serve the grateful attendees.

Dean and Jackie Paris barbecued and Melissa Blosser documented the event.

Thank you posters and notes around the facility expressed the community’s gratitude and were much appreciated by the 150 employees served at the luncheon.

“We can’t thank the community enough for their support working through this tragic event,” Sheriff Dan Coverley said. “Douglas County truly is a special place.”

A second barbecue was held the evening of Feb. 6 to accommodate the second shift employees. The 20 people served expressed their gratitude.