Bail at $25,000 in alleged mailbox incident |

Bail at $25,000 in alleged mailbox incident

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Bail was set at $25,000 for a 68-year-old Ruhenstroth man accused of using his car to bump the vehicle of a woman parked at neighborhood mail boxes who reportedly didn’t move fast enough once she collected her mail.

Robert Owens was jailed on $25,000 bail in connection with assault with a deadly weapon and an alternative sentencing violation.

The alleged victim said she was at the Ruhenstroth cluster box about 2 p.m. on Saturday. The woman said she picked up her mail and sat in the car to go through it. She heard a vehicle honk at her from behind and felt the suspect strike the rear of her car.

When she got out to confront the driver, she said he was screaming at her and using obscenities.

She claimed he threatened to push her vehicle into a power pole if she didn’t move it herself. She said he turned the wheels of his vehicle towards her and accelerated.

The woman said she was struck by the driver side fender on both knees and the car sped eastbound on Palomino. She claimed had she been closer, she would have been run over.

She provided the license plate which returned to the suspect at an address east of the crime scene and consistent with the direction she said the vehicle traveled.

Two witnesses at the scene verified the woman’s story, according to reports.

Four officers responded to Owens’ residence and ordered him outside.

According to reports, he admitted becoming impatient with the woman because she didn’t move her vehicle after collecting her mail.

Reportedly, he told deputies he struck the back of her vehicle to get her attention. He said they yelled at each other and he decided to leave.

He denied striking her or attempting to do so.