Bag O’Bones gets new home |

Bag O’Bones gets new home

by Linda Hiller

Never underestimate the power of a winning personality – especially if you’re a dog.

“Bag O’ Bones,” the starving, skinny, stray dog that was found on a porch in Topaz Ranch Estates, has gone from desperate orphan to loved family pet in less than two weeks, and she didn’t make it on her good looks. She made it on her good heart.

Jamie Mone, 28, was on her way to the recycling center on Dump Road last week, and as she passed the Douglas County Animal Control shelter, she stopped to look for a second dog for her family.

“We’d been wanting another dog as a companion for our dog, Corwin, who is half chow, half basset,” she said. “He was lonely, but he’s older – around 8 – so we didn’t really want a puppy.”

“Bag O’ Bones” had arrived at the shelter a malnourished pup with an infected tail that wouldn’t heal because she happily wagged it so darn much. It was amputated in the hopes that she would live to wag her stub for some lucky new master.

When Mone, who had her 14-month-old son Connor with her, looked through the available dogs inside the pound, she saw Bag – a small lab mix.

“She is pretty special. It was one of those things – when I first saw her, I got a gut feeling,” Mone said. “It was between her and one other dog, and she liked the baby – she was very sweet. Afterwards, I had to run some errands and I kept thinking about her.”

Mone went home and called her husband, also Jamie, about the dog and he could tell she was convinced. He said she should just go get it and he’d accept the dog sight unseen.

So, back to the animal shelter she went, this time with Connor and Corwin, and after a lengthy visit, Mone left the animal shelter with their new re-named dog, Maggie.

– Dealing with Maggie’s fears. “At the shelter, she was scared of the car and wouldn’t get in, so I had to lift her,” Mone said. “She’s working out so well, though. The dogs play together all the time. She’s really smart and looks a lot better already – she’s really filling out.”

Mone said Maggie, who’s age was estimated at 17 months, is still easily spooked at times, but makes strides forward each day.

“She’s still kind of green as far as training is concerned, and for some reason she’s terrified of the treadmill,” Mone said. “I have to close the blinds when I use it so she can’t see me. It took her about 10 minutes to get over seeing it the first time.”

Mone said Maggie is also tentative about other dogs.

“If she sees another dog, she is really pensive and barks,” Mone said. “She’s getting better, though.”

Mone said Maggie took to her husband after coming home from the shelter and now wants to always be close to him.

“If my husband Jamie moves at all, Maggie is all over him and wants to be up on his lap with her head on his shoulder,” Mone said. “She also runs to our son Connor if he falls over. She loves Connor and me. It is working out perfect.”

Without being able to read Maggie’s mind, Mone said the new pet doesn’t act like an abused dog, but one who was probably alone for a time.

“Who knows what happened to her,” Mone said. “There are so many tourists through this area – maybe she ran away from someone or got dropped off, but she is so friendly and happy now that I don’t think she couldn’t have been abused. She’s just too happy for that.”

Maggie Mone now lives in a fenced yard in Gardnerville Ranchos with plenty of food, lots of chew toys and oodles of love from Jamie, Jamie, Connor and Corwin Mone.

In just two weeks, she has taught many people to never underestimate the power of a friendly nature and a good heart.