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Avalanche warning issued for Crystal Bay at Lake Tahoe

Staff Reports

In the past several hours wind speeds and snowfall rates have increased dramatically. Cornices along the ridge above Crystal Bay will be getting large enough to fall off their own weight and trigger long-running avalanches that could reach the homes below.

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District is advising all residents to stay indoors until further notice.

Avalanches large enough to break trees and move cars have occurred in Crystal Bay under similar storm circumstances. No houses have ever been seriously damaged from large avalanches in Crystal Bay, but there is always a first time. Stay away from uphill windows and doors just in case. Please be aware of blocked vents due to high levels of snow accumulation. This advisory may last for the next 24+ hours depending on how long the storm lasts. Road crews will not be plowing streets until further notice. Residents will be notified as soon as possible when the Advisory is lifted. Click on the following link for affected streets in the Crystal Bay area: https://www.washoecounty.us/outreach/_files/dept-cmo/avalanche-documents.pdf