Authorities doubtful of man’s claim he’s positive for dope 3 months later |

Authorities doubtful of man’s claim he’s positive for dope 3 months later

A Gardnerville man who was arrested in a drug sting has a week to prove that detectable amounts of marijuana can remain in the human body for three months.

Joshua Shawn Swanick, 23, told Judge Dave Gamble that a counselor told him he smoked so much weed that it would take three months to get out of his system.

Swanick pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. Swanick and Nicholas Morgan Brumblay, 28, were arrested in October. On Tuesday Swanick said he sold marijuana he received from Brumblay.

The Douglas County Street Enforcement Team arrested both men after arranging five transactions involving 113 grams of marijuana.

Swanick faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. His plea is contingent on Brumblay taking the same deal.

Gamble set a Jan. 11 sentencing hearing and ordered Swanick tested for drugs.

Swanick returned to court after testing positive for THC. Gamble continued the hearing for a week for a blood test to come back and for Swanick to contact the counselor and get something in writing.

Gamble asked Alternative Sentencing Chief Michael Beam if he’d ever heard of someone testing positive for marijuana after three months without using. Beam said he hadn’t.

“What I would prefer far and away is that you tell me the truth,” Gamble told Swanick.