At least April before new manager to be hired |

At least April before new manager to be hired

It will be at least April before the Town of Gardnerville is ready to hire a new manager.

Town Board members met Tuesday to accept Town Manager Tom Dallaire’s resignation.

Dallaire has accepted the position of Douglas County community development director effective in March.

While the job starts at $83,054.40 a year, with a top salary of $124,592, anything above mid-range would require approval by county commissioners.

Dallaire is the third town manager to be tapped for a county position in the last year.

Acting County Manager Jenifer Davidson was hired as assistant county manager in March 2018. Six months later Genoa Town Manager Phil Ritger was named county public works director.

Gardnerville board members revised the job description slightly, saying they didn’t want to necessarily get locked into an engineer, but that communication skills were very important to them.

Dallaire is a licensed engineer who operated his own firm before coming to work for the town. However, he said he’s only stamped a few plans since he took the position. He said that as town manager he didn’t find there was time for him to do a lot of detailed engineering and the town ended up contracting much of it out.

“I think I’ve only stamped four plans since I got here,” he said.

Gardnerville is an unincorporated town, as are Minden and Genoa, with an elected board and its own tax rate.

The boards of all three towns are advisory to the county, but have a certain level of autonomy.

In Gardnerville’s case, it maintains streets and drainage, collects trash and operates Heritage Park.

Board members agreed that the position should be open for three weeks.

Douglas County Human Resources Analyst Cindy McMurry told board members that she would require another two weeks at least to sort through candidates.

She was involved in recruiting the new Genoa manager and she said there were 29 applicants, which were winnowed to five by phone interviews.

She said a regular recruitment typically takes eight weeks.

Board members Ken Miller and Mary Wenner volunteered to help with the process.

Board Chairwoman Linda Slater said she expected to call a special meeting in April to interview finalists for the position.

McMurry said any background check would be done after an offer is made to a candidate.