ASPIRE senior makes up four years of credits in two |

ASPIRE senior makes up four years of credits in two

by Sarah Drinkwine
ASPIRE Academy 2018 Graduate Carlos Martinez.
Sarah Drinkwine

ASPIRE Academy graduate Carlos Martinez waited eight years in Guatemala to return back to the United States and finish his education.

“I was just waiting until I was 18 so I could move back and finish school here,” he said.

He came to ASPIRE Academy as a junior and had to make up at least four years of credits in two years.

“It took a lot of motivation and determination to get that done as quickly as possible,” he said.

He said his biggest challenge through it all was maintaining the mind set to keep pushing through.

“It’s been a pretty easy road, just very time consuming, but I had a lot of support and help,” he said. “The teachers are great and provide for you and want you to succeed.”

After graduation Martinez plans to join the Air Force and take advantage of their higher education program. He plans to pursue something in medicine, possibly as a surgeon.

“It’d be a great way to help the community and people,” he said. “It’s also something I’ve just always been interested in.”

Martinez wants his underclassmen to remember that nothing is impossible.

“I didn’t think I was going to graduate,” he said, “but I was determined to make it happen.”