Art enthusiasts glean tips from photographer |

Art enthusiasts glean tips from photographer

Local photographer JT Humphrey has spent 40 years playing with photography, shooting family, military air shows, wildlife and events, and he now spends most of his time as an outdoor and wildlife photographer.

"My passion has always been wildlife and the outdoors, from viewing to protecting, capturing and sharing those photos for others to enjoy and learn from," he said at the Carson Valley Photo Club's March meeting.

Humphrey said when it comes to art, whether it's photography or painting, it's best to do something different from the typical shots everyone else does.

"Look at the view from a different perspective," he said. "Walk around the subject, look down at it or to the side. Be different."

He also said to balance out the picture and get rid of distractions.

"Sometimes less is more," he said as he showed an image of eagles. "There were actually six eagles in the shot, but I zoomed in on the four in the middle; otherwise there would have been too much going on."

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On the balance side, Humphrey said to look for at least one more element to add to the picture.

"Wait for a bird to fly in behind another, angle in to get a stick, some rocks or get the background," he said. "It will add to the subject and create balance."

Humphrey said the best times to capture light are early morning for the west light and evening for the east light.

"It gets kind of crafty at times and you have to take what you can get," he said

For more information on Humphrey and to view his work, visit or follow him on Facebook at JT Humphrey.


Art show open for view at the Copeland Gallery in Minden through May 4.

Douglas County Library art show today through April 29.

The Carson Valley Days Art Show is set for June 8-11 at the CVIC Hall.

For more information, call 782-8207.