Arsonists hit Sunridge playground |

Arsonists hit Sunridge playground

by Sheila Gardner

Vandals caused at least $1,000 damage at a Sunridge park, setting sawdust on fire under children’s plastic playground equipment.

East Fork Fire Capt. Terry Taylor said Thursday officials believe juveniles are involved.

“We’ve had a series of fires starting in September at James Lee Park in the rest rooms and in the hills surrounding the park,” Taylor said.

“This is the first fire on the Sunridge side. Circumstances surrounding the fires lead us to believe they involve neighborhood juveniles.”

Taylor said no ignitable liquids were used to set the Sunridge fire. He described it as a “hot start” which means the suspect used a lighter to ignite other fuels and combustibles.

He asked anyone with information to contact the East Fork Fire District or the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Taylor stressed the danger of the situation, especially with the parks in residential neighborhoods.

“Fuels are still very dry even though winter is here,” Taylor said. “A small fire has an opportunity to be a large fire and this is a good way for people to get hurt.”


Anyone with information about a series of fires in Indian Hills and Sunridge is asked to contact the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts at 782-9040 or the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 782-9900.