Any volunteers? Alpine seeks helpers |

Any volunteers? Alpine seeks helpers

by Virginia York

Remember in our younger years when the teacher used to ask: “Any volunteers?” a multitude of hands would shoot up? “Oh, please choose me,” the unspoken words of every child.

As we grow older, more and more responsibilities creep into our lives claiming most of our waking hours and sometimes we groan inwardly when asked to make a donation of that most precious resource: time.

The other day an acquaintance who works in Markleeville walked by my house with a dog I recognized as belonging to an elderly woman. My aquaintance had volunteered to walk the dog in her lunch break. This kind act reminded me that the spirit of volunteerism is alive and well in Alpine County. It needs to be. Alpine residents, 1,175 of us in 2010, 2.73 percent fewer than in 2000, are spread thin to cover the growing need for volunteers.

Those I have interviewed have waxed eloquent on the joys of volunteering. Some years ago a friend who had fallen on hard times volunteered to teach English to Iraqi torture victims. Knowing that his skills were needed gave him a feeling of self-worth and helped restore a positive outlook on life. In volunteering it is impossible for the giving to be one way; we teach and are taught. Bonds of friendship, business and even romance can be formed. Volunteering in the area in which one is trained (eg. teaching) can lead to employment.

Where monetary gain is not involved there is a special spirit of commitment and fun. My old friend Mabel Reed, former resident of Alpine County and a volunteer for most of her life, including five years abroad, said simply: “You start volunteering because you want to help and you finish up having the best time.”

Children, and teenagers can work at some of the events. There are different levels of commitment so you can donate your time as you choose, for events or projects as they arise or for regular duties.

ALPINE CHRONICLE: Deirdre Wallace, 694-0045,

Contribute articles on any subject to our new, local, online newspaper.

ALPINE KIDS: Edie Veatch, 694-2934.

Drive families on Alpine Kids outings; work at the annual blood drive and annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

ALPINE WATERSHED GROUP: Sarah Green: 694-2327,

Be a water monitor! Assist with restoration projects; help maintain healthy watershed systems.

DEATH RIDE: Teresa, 694-2475, see the volunteer page or fill out a form at the Chamber of Commerce office.

Work on our annual 129-mile endurance bicycle ride, second weekend of July, on a rest stop, warehouse.

DIAMOND VALLEY SCHOOL: Laura Parks, 694-2238

Volunteers require a T.B. test and fingerprinting. Call ahead to help with ski trips, yard duty, reading, teaching a skill in the after-school program.

PARENTS’ GROUP: Kim Jackson, 694-1144.

Fundraiser for the school; help with school events.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Terrance Hughes, Station 92, 694-2223.

Be a firefighter. Eastern Alpine Fire Department meets every Tuesday 6-9 p.m., Woodfords Fire House.

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Library Staff, 694 2120.

Help with projects and events (eg. Teddy Bear Parade, Music in the Park, Wine in the Garden)

HOME HEALTH AND HOSPICE: Chaplain Al Vacek (530) 543-5581

Enquire about training. Be a companion to the patient to provide breaks for caregivers. Requires help of several hours/week. Alternatively, work in the office.

HUNG-A-LEL-TI: Amy Broadhurst, 694-1730 x3.

Tutor at the Education Center; cook a lunch for the Friday Create the Good meeting; assist at adult socials.

MENTORING PROGRAM (local branch of Tahoe Youth and Family Services) Betty Hathaway, (530) 694-9459.

You will be trained then matched with someone aged 4-18. A commitment of at least 4 hours a month is required to spend involved with activities of interest to both of you.

MUSEUM: Wanda Coyan, 694-2317, 694-2454.

Work on projects including restoration of the cemetery.

VACANCIES IN ALPINE COUNTY COMMISSIONS AND COMMITTEES: County Clerk’s Office, 694-2281. Applications on-line or pick one up and return it to: P.O. Box 158 Markleeville, CA 96120.

■ Alpine County Child Abuse Prevention Council

■ Alpine County Mental Health Board

■ Board of Appeals

■ Children and Families Commission-First 5 Alpine

■ Economic Development Advisory Committee

■ Child Care Planning Council

■ Markleeville Design Review/Historic Committee

■ Social Service Transportation Advisory Council

■ STPUD Contract Commission.

Please volunteer and contribute to the quality of life in Alpine County. And a big “thank-you” to all who do volunteer.