Another firefighter comes to help out Douglas County |

Another firefighter comes to help out Douglas County

Michael Schneider

Yerington’s Tod Carlini has decided to hop across the Smith Valley to Douglas County to accept a position as training captain for the East Fork Fire and Paramedic District.

Carlini has a degree in both history and architecture from the University of Utah in addition to taking various fire classes. He grew up in Yerington where he began work in 1975 as a volunteer with the Yerington Volunteer Fire Department.

He said he worked off and on with the fire department during and after college until he began his professional career fighting fires with the Mason Valley Fire District in 1985. Carlini was promoted to district chief in 1990 where he stayed until accepting his new post with Douglas County this year.

“Then opportunity knocked,” said Carlini of his new position. “I view this position here as an opportunity.”

Although he has also worked in the past as an engineer, Carlini said he has 21 years experience fighting fires with 12 years as a professional.

“There’s no doubt about the importance of training with 250 volunteer firefighters out there,” said Carlini. He said that although a lot of the various fire departments in the county do their own in-house training as well, he views this new position as an opportunity to expand the capabilities of the training division.

“Both positions are equally important,” said Carlini of his own coupled with that of new fire inspector Terry Taylor. Taylor said that as Johnson Lane fire chief, he lobbied long and hard for the creation of Carlini’s position.

He said that with the recently-adjusted county commission as well as the reorganization of the EFFPD, the time was right to bring in Carlini.

“If we can meet the demands of fire prevention and education as well as meeting the needs of volunteers, I’d like to promote that form of fire protection,” said Carlini.