Another Christmas cactus story |

Another Christmas cactus story

Staff reports

After reading about the Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer’s venerable Christmas cactus in the Nov. 25 R-C, Minden resident Adele Bachman called to tell us about her own heirloom cactus. She says her plant measures 5 feet across and estimates it’s more than 80 years old.

The cactus originally belonged to Bachman’s mother, who lived in California. Bachman and her husband Whitey brought the plant here when they moved to the Carson Valley from California seven years ago.

“I don’t remember ever having a Christmas without the cactus blooming,” said Adele, who is 74. “It blooms every year, sometimes twice.”

Bachman said she would be happy to provide cuttings for anyone who wants to start their own Christmas cactus. She can be reached at 782-6750.