Animal cruelty charges dropped |

Animal cruelty charges dropped

by Merrie Leininger

Animal cruelty charges against a Gardnerville Ranchos man are going to be dropped soon, according to Chief Criminal Deputy District Attorney Kristine Brown.

Bobby Jay Griffith, 54, of 1209 Alicia Circle, was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty the week of Feb. 17 and he pleaded not guilty in East Fork Justice Court.

According to court documents, the case was based on a tape recorded conversation between Griffith and one of his neighbors.

Griffith is the husband of Mountain Shadows apartment manager June Griffith. Griffith often acts as her assistant.

When one of the residents of Mountain Shadows called Griffith to complain about stray cats around her home, she recorded the conversation without his knowledge.

According to court documents, the woman sent her son over to Griffith’s house and he gave the son a bowl of antifreeze.

The day after the phone conversation, the woman delivered the tape to Douglas County Animal Control and Douglas County District Attorney’s Office.

On March 16, Judge Jim EnEarl ordered all evidence related to the tape suppressed because, according to Nevada law, it is illegal to tape wire or radio communications without both parties’ knowledge.

Because the case was based on the content of the tape, the judge also suppressed all the other evidence in the case, including antifreeze found on the side of Griffith’s home and pictures taken outside of his home.