Animal control activity down for the year |

Animal control activity down for the year

Staff reports

In almost every category, more activity was reported from the Douglas County Animal Shelter for the month of November 1996 than that of this year.

During this November, Douglas County Animal Control personnel were able to adopt out a total of 32 animals, including 14 dogs, eight puppies, two cats and eight kittens, considerably fewer than last year.

In November 1996, a total of 51 animals were adopted from the county animal shelter, including 24 dogs, six puppies, 10 cats and 11 kittens.

More animals were put to sleep in November 1996, also, including 12 dogs, three puppies, five cats and three kittens, for a total of 23. Last month, only 15 animals were euthanized, including 12 dogs and three cats.

Officers handled 67 dogs, 10 puppies, seven cats and eight kittens this year, while last year in November they handled 103 dogs, 10 puppies, 17 cats and 14 kittens.

Officers took 1,458 calls in 1997 as compared to 1,595 in 1996. Bail cited this year was $586 and last year, $1,075. Six animal bites were reported in 1997 and 15 in 1996.

Revenue from fines totaled $1,493 this year and $1,778 last year. In 1997, fees brought in $1,696 and donations, $151, plus $40 in court fines; last year, those figures were $2,538, $113 and $115. The shelter was closed for 2-1/2 hours and three hours of reduced personnel overtime was necessary because of a lack of available staff.

In addition, this year 41 dogs, two pups and two cats were impounded and last year, the numbers were 67 dogs, one puppy and two cats.

Officers covered 1,203 miles last year, but this year, they went 1,825 miles during the month. In 1996, they issued 75 warnings, while in 1997, they issued 29 warnings.