Angle not interested in Raggio’s seat |

Angle not interested in Raggio’s seat

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Former Nevada State Legislator Sharron Angle issued a statement Sunday that she is not seeking appointment to fill the unexpired term made available by Sen. Bill Raggio’s sudden departure. Angle decided to make her decision public after her office was inundated with hundreds of phone calls.

“I want to thank my supporters, but I’ve already made statewide and nationwide commitments that I will be honoring,” she said.

Raggio, the state’s longest serving senator, resigned his state seat effective Jan. 15.

He cited health concerns about serving in the 2011 Legislature.

Raggio was ousted as Senate Minority leader last year over his support for U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.

Angle ran against Raggio in the 2008 Republican primary. She was made famous this year by challenging Reid for his U.S. Senate seat after winning the Republican primary in June.