Amnesty club makes noise for international causes |

Amnesty club makes noise for international causes

by Sharlene Irete

As part of Student Action Week, the Amnesty International club at Douglas High School is setting up a table in the commons to make others aware of human rights abuses in the eastern Sudan region Darfur and to sell bags and T-shirts to benefit the Invisible Children of Uganda.

They are selling black T-shirts with a yellow African continent with a red heart for $10 or customized canvas bags also for $10.

The students have sold at least 40 bags and hope to sell more in the commons today.

The money made from the club’s various fundraisers goes to the rehabilitation of children rescued from being soldiers or prostitutes in the African nation’s conflict.

The students were made aware of the exploitation of young Ugandans in the movie “The Invisible Children.”

Edna Meza, 16, was one of the dozen students sewing templates of Africa on the canvas bags to sell.

She said watching the movie made her aware of problems other than her own.

“The movie makes you appreciate what you have,” she said. “I felt really selfish but now I feel like this group is doing something. Kids think they can’t do something but making bags is one way to show them they can.

“We can try to make this world a little less miserable,” said Edna.

For shirts, bags or more information, contact Dena Dugan or Katie Burnham at 782-5136.

For more information about The Invisible Children of Uganda, go to