American Cancer Society celebrates 100 years |

American Cancer Society celebrates 100 years

by Dahleen Kendler
Special to The R-C

On May 22, 1913, the Women’s Field Army was formed; a legion of volunteers whose sole purpose was to wage war on cancer.

Dressed in khaki uniforms, these women went out into the streets to raise money and educate the public about cancer.

One hundred years ago, cancer was a taboo disease, surrounded by fear, denial and misperceptions. Over the past 100 years we turned what we know about cancer into what we do about cancer. Today, 13 million cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday this year. Two out of three people now survive this disease. That’s 400 more birthdays a day because of the progress we’ve made over the past 100 years. Imagine the possibilities for the next 100 years.

This year, your American Cancer Society is celebrating its 100th birthday. But it’s not just our birthday we celebrate this year. We are celebrating the birthdays of every cancer survivor who has survived another year, thanks to the research, education, advocacy and services the community have helped make possible.

We are inviting the public to come join our committee and our team captains in the celebration of our 100th anniversary by hosting a barbecue celebration 6 p.m. Wednesday at Corley Ranch in Gardnerville.

RSVP by Monday to,, or call 265-4409.

For more information on how to form a Relay for Life Team for the Aug. 10 event, or to become a sponsor, contact Team Development Chairperson Dahleen Kendler at 265-7436 or