Alpine students release Lahontan cutthroat trout at Lake Tahoe |

Alpine students release Lahontan cutthroat trout at Lake Tahoe

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Diamond Valley School elementary students at Lake Tahoe to release Lahontan cutthroat trout they've released.
Alpine Watershed Group |

A project where Alpine County school children raised Lahontan cutthroat trout wrapped up last week when they released their fish at Lake Tahoe.

On Wednesday, 22 Diamond Valley School elementary students traveled to Taylor Creek to release the fish they raisd from eggs.

Trout-in-the-Classroom is sponsored every year by the California Fish and Wildlife and Nevada Department of Wildlife. The Diamond Valley program is also supported by Alpine Watershed Group, a nonprofit working to preserve and enhance the watersheds of Alpine County.

The program teaches students about the importance of clean and healthy watersheds. In addition, it includes teaching students about water monitoring, water quality, and biology. The Trout-in-the-Classroom program also helps contribute to a local conservation effort by raising and releasing threatened Lahonton cutthroat trout back into their native waters.

“Trout in the Classroom, is more than just kids raising trout, it is a powerful education opportunity that helps to preserve and enhance the natural system functions in rivers for future generations through collaboration, and education,” said Watershed Group board member and angler Dan Kaffer.

Diamond Valley students moved from activity to activity at Taylor Creek. The field trip wrapped up with a nature walk to the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Whether the kids remember seeing a bear, what non-point source pollution is, testing the pH of Lake Tahoe, or simply releasing trout into flooded Taylor Creek, the Trout-in-the-Classroom program was a great learning experience,” spokeswoman Sarah Muskin said.