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Alpine remembers founder

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Museum photo #1990.012.002 (taken from tintype, also in Museum's possession).

Tuesday marks 150 years since the founder of Markleeville was shot outside his cabin.

Jacob Markley moved to California to seek his fortune in 1860 and staked out a claim where the town of Markleeville now stands. A dispute over a partnership agreement led to Markley’s untimely end in 1863.

At high noon on May 18, Markleeville residents will re-enact the untimely death of town namesake Jacob Markley at the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce.

Actors will include Supervisor Don Jardine as Markley, Supervisor Ron Hames as the Constable, Steve Hibbs as the shooter, and a cast of other locals. The chamber will be serving cookies and punch, and crafters’ booths will also be on hand to help celebrate the first Jacob Markley Day.