Alpine phones back online after four days |

Alpine phones back online after four days

A software failure is being blamed for a four-day phone outage that affected 200 Frontier Communications customers in Markleeville and the east slope.

Phone service was restored to parts of the county on Wednesday night.

Frontier spokeswoman Christine Reap said Frontier worked through the week to restore service to the Alpine County seat.

Phone service was down in Markleeville on Sunday and on Tuesday, the outage spread to the rest of eastern Alpine County.

A Woodfords resident said her phones were still down on Thursday morning.

“We are quite concerned for emergency response,” Undersheriff Rob Levy said Tuesday.

Bay Area resident Todd Williams said Wednesday he had been trying to contact his mother for four days.

“When I called her house a couple of days ago I kept getting a busy signal,” he said. “I figured she was on the phone. This is day three or four and I’m still getting the same ‘all circuits busy’ message.”

Williams said he called the Alpine County Sheriff’s Office to see if a deputy could do a welfare check and found that line busy, too.

“There are several senior citizens in the Markleeville community, who would have no options should God forbid, the worst happen,” he said. “A simple slip and fall, a heart attack, a bear.”