Alpine elementary school an educational diamond |

Alpine elementary school an educational diamond

Staff Reports

Diamond Valley Elementary School earned the 2016 Gold Ribbon School Award for student academic achievement and solid educational programs, and the 2016 Title I Academic Achievement Award for outstanding student academic achievement in the 2014-15 school year.

“It is not surprising that Diamond Valley won awards for its most recent outstanding progress, achievement, and programs,” said Alpine County Superintendent of Schools Patrick Traynor.

Traynor said he is proud of the staff and students at Diamond Valley for making extraordinary improvements in student learning in recent years. He said, despite new, more rigorous state standards, and assessments, students have risen to levels well above state averages. He said this was not the case a few short years ago.

The high marks in student achievement earned Diamond Valley the 2016 Title I Academic Achievement Award. The CDE states, “The criteria to qualify for the award are rigorous.”

Diamond Valley Elementary School is a Title I school due to receiving additional funding for having students from low income families. According to the CDE, to be eligible for this award, a minimum of 40 percent of the enrolled students must meet the poverty index and students in all subgroups must have exceeded state and federal expectations for student achievement.

Diamond Valley’s growth and achievement for all student groups in 2014-15 was rewarded with this prestigious recognition.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson states the 2016 Gold Ribbon School award is also given to schools that are in the upper half of student performance and have one or more exemplary programs. Traynor said Diamond Valley has been implementing a new framework for managing student behaviors — Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. PBIS, supported by the U.S. Department of Education and Congress, emphasizes using functional positive approaches to encourage good behavior. The PBIS program in Alpine County is financially supported through partnerships with the County’s Behavioral Health and Probation departments. Traynor said, “Diamond Valley Elementary School has taken a proactive approach to student discipline by establishing clear school wide routines, behavioral expectations, and a multi-tiered system of positive consequences to help all students learn behaviors consistent with a positive and productive learning environment.” Torlakson states, “These schools shine as bright beacons for others, putting forth an exemplary effort to ensure that every student is ready for 21st Century college and careers.”