Alpine couple’s lives show dedication and service |

Alpine couple’s lives show dedication and service

by Lisa Gavon
R-C Alpine Bureau
Jim and Linda Holdridge dedicate lives to service in Alpine County
Lisa Gavon |

Something went right.

With all the arguments about “nature versus nurture”, if you are born into a family that has both you are bound to be successful — at least that is the way it worked out for Jim and Linda Holdridge.

Jim Holdridge Jr. has always had a high-energy personality. Even as a child and young adult he was involved in lots of projects and community service. Historically, only 2% of Boy Scouts go on to be Eagle Scouts, which is a great honor. Jim was one of those young men.

It was in junior high when he realized his family was different from others. His father, James Holdridge, Sr., was a highly respected history teacher and school administrator. Jim’s mother was the director of nursing at a local hospital. Together they had six children, including a set of twins. Jim Jr. was the oldest. It is Jim’s parents who discovered and fell in love with Alpine County, moving there as soon as they retired.

His parents were stable, consistent, and offered both love and encouragement. They engendered a deep sense of responsibility to their children about family, community, faith and country. Their goal was to raise individuals that would make a significant difference in this world, and they have accomplished that.

Jim and Linda met in the second grade, and through grade school and high school they were in the same classes. It gave Linda plenty of time to judge his character. They lived just around the corner from each other, and their families attended the same church.

It was not until they were 28-years-old that they realized their destiny. They just kept running into each other wherever they went.

At that point, Jim was a firefighter/paramedic and Linda was a nurse. It was obvious they had the same value and their love was built on a solid foundation. They will be married 30 years this October.

Linda has seven brothers and sisters. After working as a nurse’s aide, she found it brought her deep satisfaction. She later graduated from Santa Ana College as a registered nurse. Linda has always really enjoyed helping people, another commonality with Jim. For over 30 years, she was a nationally certified pediatric nurse. After 38 years of commitment, she retired at the end of 2016.

Jim’s fire service career spanned 32 years. He worked more than 20 years with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and spent three years working in the Bay Area with a city department. He retired in 2005 after working for both Governors Davis and Schwarzenegger in the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services: Fire & Rescue Branch. Jim started his active style of retirement after he and Linda moved to Alpine County.

He received his bachelor’s degree in political science, with an emphasis in public administration, from California State University, Long Beach and his masters of public administration with emphasis in local government from USC in Los Angeles. He also graduated from the four-year-long Executive Fire Officer Program at the US Fire Administration in Emmitsburg, Md. He is a California State Fire Services Certified Chief Officer and a natural born leader.

Both Jim and Linda have a positive life outlook and have found ways to be uplifting forces in the Alpine community. In November, 2016 Jim was appointed to the Alpine County Planning Commission, the latest in a long series of achievements. Jim Jr. has been the Alpine County Volunteer Bookmobile driver for nearly eight years, dedicating a full day each week. He was foreman pro-tem of the grand jury in 2008-09, a multiple year “Death Ride” volunteer, and served on the Alpine County 150th Anniversary Committee. He has also performed in the “Living History Walk” for the Alpine County Museum, and currently serves on the Heritage Tourism Committee. These are just a few of the activities that reflect his dedication.

The Holdridge family is dynamic and compassionate, and the Alpine County community is fortunate they have chosen to make this their home.