Alpine County ready to start plowing snow |

Alpine County ready to start plowing snow

by April Epps

The weather is getting colder, the expectation of snow is in the air, and Alpine County is ready for it, according to the Alpine Public Works newsletter “In the Works.”

It suggests that residents plan ahead and inform their children not to play in the streets or on snow berms.

Also, do not park in restricted areas of county parking lots, do not play, ski, toboggan, sled or snowmobile on roadways or snow berms, do not shovel or put snow from driveways in the roadway, do not clear your driveway until after the road has been plowed, do not park vehicles on roadways or along the edge of roads (county code chapter 10.12 says that all vehicles must park a minimum of five feet from the roadway), and do not park on Montgomery Street from Highway 89 to Laramie Street in Markleeville on Tuesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon.

Snow removal begins when there is 3 inches of snow.

Snow will be plowed to both sides of roadways, except in high drift areas where it will be plowed to the downwind side of the road.

Some roads in the county are classified as last priority due to the snow removal plan.

If the road needs to be closed, the sheriff’s department, fire departments, the school, and the people living on that road will be notified.

If there is an emergency, residents can contact the sheriff’s department by calling 911, the sheriff will radio snow removal crews, and an operator will respond to the emergency.

Placing sand on the roads will be done on steep hills and sharp curves only.

Obey all chain and snow tire requirements. Legal snow tires must have a minimum of 3Ú16 inch of tread.

County policy states that driveway berms will only be plowed after a storm, and not on weekends or holidays. Any road that is to be plowed must be considered safe for snow removal equipment.

A copy of the Alpine County snow removal operations policies and list of priority areas can be found at the Alpine County Department of Public Works Office, (530) 694-2140. It can also be found on their Web site