Almanac arrives in R-C today |

Almanac arrives in R-C today

Monday marked 115 years since The Weekly Courier and the Gardnerville Record merged to become one of Nevada’s longest-lived newspaper nameplates.

The two newspapers were located a block from one another in Gardnerville when the Record burned down in the March 9, 1904, fire that also claimed owner Dr. Stoddard Southworth’s home. Southworth’s son, who was editing the Record, fainted at the sight, according to the March 11, 1904 edition of The Courier.

While the 1904 fire and subsequent merger of the two publications at The Courier’s location on Eddy Street officially ended the Great Gardnerville Newspaper War, it really stopped two years earlier when Record founder George Lamy sold the paper to Southworth.

The conflict is detailed in the Carson Valley Almanac inside today’s edition, which includes stories about the revitalization of the 112-year-old Minden Flour Mill into the Bently Heritage Distillery and a century since the founding of Candy Dance.

This is the 38th edition of the magazine published annually by The Record-Courier since 1982.

That first edition featured an article by Genoa resident Joyce Hollister, who edited the Almanac while she was people editor of The R-C.

Hollister returns this year with a feature on the remodeling of the Haines Barn by Genoa resident Tim Christy.

Also appearing in this edition of the Almanac is a feature on the Neddenriep family.

The Almanac will be available starting today at The Record-Courier office, 1503 Main St., Gardnerville.