Alcohol issue prompts credit card theft plea |

Alcohol issue prompts credit card theft plea

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A 37-year-old woman with a history of alcohol offenses waived a preliminary hearing Wednesday, and agreed to plead guilty to fraudulent use of a credit card.

East Fork Justice Tom Perkins ordered Amy Adair to appear in District Court on May 13 to answer a charge that she spent $2,141.32 on a family member’s credit card without permission.

She agreed to pay restitution.

In exchange for Adair’s guilty plea, her lawyer, Kris Brown, said the state would not object to a diversion program. If she is not qualified, the state would ask for a minimum of 12 months in prison, Brown said.

Adair agreed to remain in custody until her district court appearance.

On Monday, she told Perkins that she was homeless and would rather stay in jail than live on the streets. She said she has lost the custody of her children, and “maybe had 10 cents in the bank.”

She was most recently in custody last year following multiple probation violations on a drunk-driving conviction.

The victim said Adair was addicted to methamphetamine, and was not welcome in their home.

■ A 43-year-old Gardnerville woman was sentenced to a 90-day suspended sentence for driving under the influence, but faces prison time Monday on a felony charge of coercion in connection with the incident.

East Fork Judge Tom Perkins told Tara Goff if she gets in trouble in the next two years, she will serve three months in Douglas County Jail.

“I’m working. I’m facing a big charge of a prison sentence over this. I don’t plan on messing up,” Goff said.

She pleaded guilty last month to coercion, admitting she kicked a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy while she was being booked at Douglas County jail on the drunk driving charge.

In exchange for that plea, the district attorney’s office won’t object to her request for diversion. If Goff fails the diversion program, she faces up to six years in Nevada state prison.

The felony criminal complaint alleges that she used force or violence in an attempt to prevent the deputy from doing what he had a right to do which was book her.

Reports indicate her preliminary breath test was .220, nearly three times the legal limit of .08 for driving in Nevada.

Prosecutor Maria Pence said Goff was driving 1-mph when she was pulled over with a passenger in the vehicle.

“I can’t imagine a more dangerous situation,” Pence said. “We want to have her get some help so she doesn’t injure herself, her passenger or someone in the community.”