Airporter’s end leaves travelers seeking alternatives |

Airporter’s end leaves travelers seeking alternatives

Outside Sales Manager Gordon Horsley and Amador Stage Lines General Manager for Reno Operations Lisa Allen stand behind the Carson Valley Airporter bus at the Carson Valley Inn Wednesday.
Brad Coman |

With the official sunset of the Airporter shuttle service on Sept. 30, residents who have been relying on it must find alternative means to get to and from the Reno-Tahoe Airport.

Douglas, Carson City and Reno all have public transit, but making those connections and a flight could be challenging.

Carson Valley resident Tracy Nelson said she discovered the Airporter was halting service when she went to book a ride for an October trip.

“I’d love to know of any airport shuttle services for this area, but I couldn’t find any,” she said on Tuesday.

Nelson is new to the area and so can’t rely on family or friends for a ride. Her other options are pretty expensive.

“I checked rates for Lyft,” she said. “It would be more than $100 one way. I looked at doing the South Tahoe Airporter bus — $30 from Reno Airport to South Lake (Harrahs) — then I would need another $30 for cab/Uber fare.”

A spokeswoman for Amador Stage Lines, which operates the Carson Valley Airporter, said the grant funding it received was terminated by the state.

“I’m from the Bay Area, so I’m used to more transportation options,” Nelson said. “We had several companies that had van shuttles that did door to door pick up for rides to SFO for $25 per person. The bigger question is whether such a service is needed in Carson Valley and if it could be viable.”

According to Washoe County Regional Transportation Commission’s web site, there is bus service from the airport to Carson City that costs $7.