Airport updating master plan |

Airport updating master plan

by Aurora Sain

Armstrong Consultants and Airport Manager Bobbi Thompson gave a presentation on Thursday to the Board of County Commissioners on an update to the airport master plan.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires that a master plan be updated every 5-10 years.

The Minden-Tahoe Airport was built in 1942 as a military training base and is now home to 18 businesses, 340 based aircraft and an estimated economic impact of $47 million, according to their website.

The master plan forecasts projects that need to get done or things they will possibly look at updating or adding in the future.

While the plan doesn’t guarantee any funding, it looks at where it would be most appropriate for development to occur.

The plan also doesn’t look at environmental impacts, which would have to be done in a separate report.

Some areas that the plan is looking at include the correction of non-standard runway and object free areas, updating the taxiway advisories and widening the runway.

They will also look at the staging and storing of gliders in order to segregate them from powered aircraft.

Increasing vehicle parking and the construction of a snow removal equipment building are being looked at as well as improving the terminal area.

The FAA will review the master plan, and the airport will place it on their website for 30 days for public comment before bringing a more finalized plan to the board in December.

Commissioner Barry Penzel recommended that the airport work with the county in preparing both the county master plan and the airport master plan, which Thompson said they are already doing.

“Going beyond the current airport boundaries is not going to be an easy thing,” said Penzel.

The airport will be working on their update until the December commission meeting.