Airport Road work at top of list |

Airport Road work at top of list

Work on making the intersection at Airport Road and Highway 395safer has been proposed for years.
Kurt Hildebrand |

While moving a deceleration lane on Highway 395 leading into Airport Road has been scheduled for Fiscal Year 2017, the precise timing of that improvement isn’t obvious.

On Thursday, Nevada Department of Transportation Deputy Director Bill Hoffman said that the state had run into delays due to acquisition of property for the project.

He said that has been completed, and work will be conducted on the project in the near future.

“We continued to get pressure from residents that wasn’t good enough, so we started looking again. We are going forward with that improvement.”

The federal fiscal year 2017 starts Oct. 1, 2016, according to the Government Printing Office.

Hoffman said the improvement to Highway 395’s northbound deceleration lane is a serious concern for the state.

“That lane makes it hard for cars turning left, so we’re going to offset that deceleration lane,” he said. “We are also looking at longer term solutions. We think the offset right turn lane will help tremendously.”

Hoffman said that the state is looking at several options to improve the intersection.

“(We aren’t) just looking at one but several things to make that intersection safer,” he said. “We’re looking at everything, signals, everything. We are not settling for par at that intersection.”

Douglas County Safety Committee chairman Frank Dressel pointed out that the intersection is one of the more dangerous along Highway 395.

“This intersection has long been considered one of the more dangerous along Highway 395 in Douglas County, and has been the site of several T-bone accidents over the years,” he said.

County employees are not allowed to make a left turn onto Highway 395 from Airport Road.

Not everyone thought a traffic signal was a good plan for the intersection.

Gardnerville resident Jim Slade said he felt most people would oppose a string of traffic signals on Highway 395.