Airport Road traffic light work could start this fall |

Airport Road traffic light work could start this fall

Work on making the intersection at Airport Road and Highway 395 safer has been proposed for years.By this time next year, there could be a traffic signal at the intersection.
Kurt Hildebrand |

Work on a traffic light at Airport Road and Highway 395 could begin this fall at the earliest, according the Nevada Department of Transportation.

“Construction is anticipated to begin this fall, although it could potentially begin next spring based on weather or any special event traffic needs,” state transportation spokeswoman Meg Ragonese said. “We are beginning the final review of engineering designs, and anticipate contracting the project to a construction contractor later this summer.”

The state had to purchase additional right-of-way, which contributed to the delay.

“As part of improvements, we will modify sections of intersection curbing to make the turn radius larger for improved and safer turning by trucks and larger vehicles,” Ragonese said. “We have obtained the right-of-way to acquire the small sections of land needed to improve and make the intersection turn radius wider.”

The traffic light in the northbound lanes will be similar to those at Johnson Lane and Stephanie Way in an effort to prevent collisions like the one that occurred on the morning of May 24.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, the driver of a Toyota Camry pulled out from Airport Road at 7:50 a.m., and into the path of a Highlander traveling north on Highway 395.

The Highlander’s driver was taken for treatment and the road was closed for an hour while crews cleared the wreckage, according to NHP spokesman Trooper Dan Gordon.

The intersection has been the scene of several collisions a year where motorists pull out into traffic because motorists vision of northbound traffic is blocked by vehicles turning onto Airport Road.

Both Douglas County and Douglas County School District drivers are prohibited from making left-hand turns onto Highway 395 from Airport Road due to the dangerous nature of the intersection. Many businesses advise their employees not to use the intersection for the same reason.

“The new signal will provide a protected, safer left-hand turn to and from Airport Road and enhance traffic safety,” Ragonese said. “Roadway striping, lighting and concrete islands will also be slightly modified to accommodate the new traffic signal and enhance traffic safety.”

The state will alert residents and businesses as the construction date approaches.