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Admiration and gratitude


I’m writing to express my profound gratitude and admiration for the work of the Suicide Prevention Network of Douglas County and their incredible director Debbie Posnien.

This summer my family experienced the tragedy of a close family member unexpectedly taking her own life. Her suicide left us with the pain of losing her and in turmoil, struggling to understand her choice. The grief was overwhelming. In desperation, we reached out to the Suicide Prevention Network of Douglas County, not because anyone was having suicidal thoughts, but because we just didn’t know who else to talk to about our anguish and confusion.

Debbie Posnien was a bright light cutting through our blackest night. Her support was instantaneous and total. She gave us immediate emotional triage and continues to help us as we create our new normal.

The mission of the Suicide Prevention Network is to stop suicides from happening, through education, community out reach and their crisis line. However, another large part of their work is to help people pick up the pieces after the devastation of losing a loved one through suicide. They offer an ongoing grief support group, referrals to counseling professionals and recommendations for books on coping with the loss, but most importantly they offer hope.

It is amazing that an organization like this exists, helping people through their bleakest hours, asking nothing in return. I was astounded to learn that they exist without any current financial support from Douglas County or the State of Nevada.

Please, if you are looking for an organization to support contact the Suicide Prevention Network of Douglas County. They are local, they generously give of themselves, and they are making a difference right here in our community.

The Suicide Prevention Network of Douglas County can be reached at 783-1510 or Their Web site is

Dylan Zigenis